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Hyperpigmented lower limbs due to Chroni

Varicose veins

treating complications of varicose veins

The Birmingham Vascular Centre offers treatment to patients with complicated  varicose veins using modern walk in walk out treatments under local anaesthetic. This service is provided on a number of hospital sites in Birmingham and Sandwell.

Varicose veins: Welcome

Which patients should be referred to this service?

Please refer patients with complications from varicose veins using the referral proforma below.

  • Patients with history of bleeding varicose veins.

  • Atrophie blanche – smooth, ivory-white, round or stellate scars or plaques with peripheral telangiectasias, often  arising as a result of healed leg ulcers.

  • Skin pigmentation – typically dark brown staining or haemosiderin deposits. 

  • Venous eczema – in the gaiter region of the lower legs often found with other skin changes as described above.

When should another service be used?

  • Patients with significant active or acute bleeding varicose veins should be discussed with the on call vascular team via 0121 424 2000.

  • Patients with active leg ulcers or healed leg ulcers should be referred to the Birmingham Vascular Centre via the Leg Ulcer Service.

Who can make the referral?

We accept referrals from GPs, hospital specialists and other health care professionals such as tissue viability nurses, district nurses and podiatrists.

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