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Leg Swelling

Leg swelling, affecting one or both legs, is a very common problem. 



There are a number of potential causes including: 




Leg swelling is often self-limiting but if symptoms persist and are troublesome investigations to determine the underlying cause(s) should lead to appropriate treatment.   

emergency admission for control of sepsis and then further management.

Patients with leg swelling should be referred to the community lymphoedema service.    Lymphoedema Service : Birmingham Community Healthcare ( using Lymphoedema referral form below

General advice for people with swollen legs:

  • Elevate legs whenever possible to reduce swelling 

  • Ensure good foot and leg hygiene. Bathe regularly and ensure that you dry between the toes after bathing 

  • Moisturise the skin to help keep it supple 

  • Avoid damaging the skin – even a minor injury can result in a worsening of the swelling. 

  • Avoid insect bites – use an insect repellent in summer months 

  • Daily use of compression hosiery if appropriate will help to control the swelling 

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