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Emergency vascular surgery service

24/7 emergency care for vascular patients

The emergency vascular service provides urgent care for a large number of vascular patients. In fact over two thirds of our patients are treated via this service. Based at Heartlands Hospital there is a dedicated team of vascular surgeons available supported by a vascular ward, operating theatres and an angio suite. Urgent assessment clinics run on multiple sites across the area so that patients can be seen in a convenient location whenever possible.

Emergency vascular surgery service: About Us

Which patients should be referred to this service?

  • patients with sudden onset of ischaemic leg pain (acute limb ischaemia)

  • deteriorating Chronic limb threatening ischaemia with tissue loss and/or infection

  • diabetic foot sepsis

  • large (> 7cm in diameter) or symptomatic aneurysms.

When to use another service

consider these alternative services

  • patients with stable Chronic limb threatening ischaemia  refer to the CLTI service

  • leg ulcers with severe super added infection refer to the on call medical service

  • patients with suspected ruptured  aortic aneurysms transfer emergently to Heartlands Emergency Department.

Who can refer to this service

The doctor caring for the patient in the community can discuss referral to the emergency vascular service by calling 0121 424 2000 and asking to speak to the on call vascular team.

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